Thursday, 29 April 2021

Bear Medicine

What do bears mean to you? My Nan had two carved, wooden bears in her home, I was always fascinated by them as a kid, and for me they symbolise:

🐻 Family
🐻 Leadership
🐻 Protection
🐻 Strength
🐻 Introspection
🐻 Intuition

To many cultures the Bear Spirit is the Great Healer; as bears are known to seek out plants ~ in particular Ligusticum porteri, an antibiotic plant known as “bear root” ~ for their own healing; demonstrating the bear’s deep inner knowing and wisdom. With healing comes balance and harmony, so in that sense, bears represent balance and harmony, too. Bears are active day and night, again representing that balance, and connecting bears to both solar and lunar energy.

Bears represent renewal; they leave their dens after sleeping for the winter, refreshed and invigorated after a long rest. For many, this represents awakening the strong force of the unconscious, and the commencement of a journey after a pause.

Bears are fierce protectors that care deeply for their families. They represent maternal love, maternal instinct, and nurturing. Think of the phrase “Mama Bear” and the way mother bears gently look after their cubs, whilst simultaneously being a fierce predator when the need arises.

Whilst I am no Shaman, I have a deep affinity with animals and so it makes sense for me to call on their energy and spirit when I need help. 
🐻 Call on Bear when you need strength to stand up to injustice. 
🐻 Call on Bear when you need your intuition to lead the way. 
🐻 Call on Bear when dealing with matters of family and security. 
🐻 Call on Bear when you need some inner courage, or protection.

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