Monday, 5 April 2021

Chase the Ace Tarot Method

Chase the Ace Tarot Method

I’m sharing a Tarot method called ‘Chase the Ace’. You can use this with any of the four Tarot suits to represent something in your life. This method of divination shows you where blockages or issues lie, and to how to move forwards.

For example, use the Ace of Pentacles to represent money matters, in particular cash flow. The card below the Ace is what is stopping the cash flowing in, and the card above the Ace is how to get it moving again.

You could use the Ace of Swords to represent what is causing conflict in life. The card below the Ace is what’s causing the issue, the card above the Ace is how to move forwards.

Here are the four Tarot suits and some ideas of what they could represent:

🗡 SWORDS - action, movement, mental matters, spiritual matters, communication, issues, conflict, clarity, struggle.

🪙 PENTACLES - money matters, the material or external world, career or work concerns, health, physical matters, manifestation, proof, prosperity.

🪄 WANDS - ideas, growth, ambition, expansion, passion.

☕️ CUPS - emotions, family matters, creativity, love, connections, intuition, healing, desires, experience, Spirit.

You could go a step further and use each suit as a Season; using the card below the Ace to represent things to watch out for, and the card above the Ace as positive things that will happen within that period.

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