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Cloutie Spell for Justice

Cloutie Spell for Justice

A cloutie, or clootie, is a strip of rag or cloth. You may have heard the saying “Ne’er cast a cloot til mey’s oot” which means don’t shed any clothes before May is over (and the Hawthorn has blossomed!) and summer has arrived.

Clouties are usually found at Cloughtie Wells; which are sacred wells and springs, usually with a tree beside them. The pieces of cloth are usually dipped in the holy water and then tied to the tree, as part of a healing rite, with prayers offered to the spirit or goddess of the well.

✨✨ Cloutie Spell to Obtain Justice ✨✨
This spell by Ann-Marie Gallagher is designed to be an Imbolc spell to be carried out as part of your Imbolc celebrations, but you could carry it out any time you are in need. It’s not a spell for revenge, but to redress balance when an injustice has occurred.

You will need:
A charcoal disc in a fireproof dish
Matches or lighter 
A teaspoon of Myrrh
One white candle 
One purple candle 
Thirteen strips of white cotton cloth 
A dead branch, propped up
A tree where your spell will remain undisturbed for as long as possible

🌀 Light the charcoal disc and sprinkle on the Myrrh.

🌀 Light the white candle saying “Brigid is here”.

🌀 Light the purple candle saying “And justice will come”.

🌀 Speaking your anger, fear or despair at the injustice you wish redressed to each strip of cloth, seal them by passing them separately through the incense smoke.

🌀 Hand them loosely on the dead branch and placing your hands on the topmost twig say:
“Brigid, pity this branch
For it is as dead as my enemy’s cause”

🌀 Go out to the tree, and as you tie each cloutie loosely to its lower branches, say:
“May the earth hear me in the roots of this tree,
May the air carry my cry,
May the sun take up my plea,
And the moon decry it,
For with Brigid on my side,
My cause is carried.”

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