Thursday, 8 April 2021

Witchy Self-Care Tips

It’s been a busy few weeks with the kids, I’ve been working towards getting a shop and Patreon launched, I’m enrolled on a magick course, and I’ve had a virus. Unsurprisingly, my M.E. and other chronic illnesses are now flaring, and I’ve hit a wall. I feel seriously unwell, which means I feel decidedly unmagickal.

It got me thinking about the small, low-energy things we can do when we feel this way. Small, simple things to bring that witchy feeling back, without burning ourselves out further. Whilst they may seem obvious when listed, they often get forgotten. Employing them can help us feel better.

✨✨ Low Energy Witchy Self-Care Activities ✨✨

Burning Incense 
This always perks me up! My favourite scent burning ~ Patchouli Forest ~ makes me feel magickal again.

Lighting Candles 
A soft, warm glow rather than bright lights soothes frazzled nerves, and creates a magickal atmosphere; conducive to rest and recuperation.

Whether it be folklore tales, a magical fictional story, or even just a quick flick through a favourite witchy book to look at the pictures; a book is sure to lift the spirits.

A ritual bath, or even just a bath or shower with some special smellies, is bound to make you feel much better.

Witchy Clothes 
Even if it’s just to sit on the sofa, wearing something that makes you feel empowered or special in some way can give you a low-energy boost for the rest of the day.

Witchy Films 
My go-to is The Wicker Man ~ the original version of course 😆 ~ and is the perfect low-energy activity.

Making a Cup of Tea
I’m not a tea (or a coffee!) drinker, but I imagine a nice witchy brew is a good low-energy activity.

I often fall asleep during meditation due to chronic fatigue, but it means I’ve had a rest nonetheless. If you can stay awake during meditation all the better, but if not don’t worry.

Witchy Shopping
Whether you purchase or not, some witchy browsing is a fun, low-energy activity that gets the witchy juices flowing again.

Journalling or adding to a Grimoire 
Adding to your Grimoire is a great use of your time and requires very little energy.

What have I missed from this list? What’s your go-to?

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