Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Magickal Attitudes & Personal Protection


Personal Protection is the prompt for the first week of the Protection & Defence Month over at @witch.with.me

We could discuss the many protective elements of witchcraft; such as crystals, spells, charms and candle colours, but I thought I would talk about something much more mundane, which I believe has a magickal power all of its own: attitude.

I believe that keeping your “vibe high” is a great protective shield against the negativity of others. Whilst it won’t protect you entirely from those who are truly intent on doing harm, I do believe it creates a useful and powerful buffer.

What do I mean by keeping your “vibe high” exactly?

For me this encompasses a lot of things. I believe in enjoying life, and being the best person you can be. I believe in accepting and loving yourself, warts and all, and trying to do better when you can. 
I believe in being grateful, humble and cheerful, and acting with honesty and integrity. I believe in being kind to others, and in championing others, especially those with shared passions and interests ~ there is room for everyone!
I believe in being careful with words ~ it’s called “spelling” for a reason! ~ and standing by promises. I don’t believe in spreading malicious gossip, and I believe in being prepared to say sorry if feelings have been hurt. I believe it’s ok to have boundaries, and it’s ok to distance yourself from people if necessary, and to say “no”.

When you know yourself, others come to know you. When you are comfortable in your own skin, and commit to a life of respect and joy, other people’s negativity is diminished, and simply unable to enter your soul, or that of others. When you are happy and build others up, they are happy too!

What you put out into the world comes back to you, and, if it is good, what you put out into the world protects you.

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