Monday, 20 September 2021

Stone Circle - Clothing for Goddesses

I’m just dropping in to give you a little peek of this gorgeous @mystonecircle Royal Dress; exclusively available through the Stone Circle Facebook group; Stone Circle - The Sisterhood (previously BohoVistaSister), and their website. 

*Please note that Stone Circle release their dresses in batches, so if you can’t get what you’re after right now, it may become available again at a later date.* 

For those not familiar with Stone Circle, they are a UK based clothing company creating clothes for women, designed by women. Stone Circle was founded through the Facebook group; which was originally started to create space for women to feel confident about themselves, share fashion tips, and to support other women to step into their power, and become the very best version of themselves.

I personally wear Stone Circle clothes. I love the way they are cut, the fabric, the colours (deep earth tones, warm natural hues, and golden era florals are popular), and the way they make me feel, which is magical, and like my true self. It’s fair to say I’m a little bit obsessed!

Stone Circle will be doing a drop for autumn and Samhain soon, featuring some darker colours; so get following their Instagram page and the Facebook group for exclusives, live showcases and try-ons; and to just to be part of a really beautiful community.

I wore this dress out yesterday, and it was perfect. It can easily be dressed up with scarf and boots for autumn.

Thank you so much Stone Circle! 💚 

Colour Schemes and Funny Things

I see some funny things on my travels, in this instance a £23 note given to my friend by King Arthur Pendragon at our friend’s funeral on Friday.

For those who aren’t aware, Arthur Uther Pendragon is an eco-campaigner and Druid, best known for his battles with English Heritage regarding the monument of Stonehenge, and a self-declared reincarnation of King Arthur, a name by which he is also known. He is the face on the £23 note… and for those that don’t live in England, £23 notes are not a thing… 🙈😅😂

The back of the note reads:

“The sum total of all wealth in the world is the sum total of all human activity, paid and unpaid, through all time on this planet. Therefore, we say, it must be free.”

I was kind of lucky that I could show you this now, as it fits neatly into my “pink” scheme (more obvious on Instagram). This is often how it goes, my page seems to sort of flow, and the pink things appear! But I often feel constrained by the colour scheme I have set myself, and there is a pressure to post every day, to create a “chunk” of colour, something I struggle with when my health is not good.

I am considering changing the page to “free” images for a while, and post up what I want, when I want. Whilst my page and posts are not contrived, it could be time for a change.

What do you think? Is it the colour scheme that brought you here, or the information in the posts? Would you like to see a change?

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Autumn and “The Season of the Witch”

We’re halfway through September, so I’m late to the party, but I wanted to add my voice to what Louisa @thewitchesstone and Crow @marget.inglis_witchcraft think about the suggestion, made by many witches, that autumn is the “Season of the Witch”.

Don’t get me wrong - I love the “-ber” months as much the next person - but I always feel a bit confused when 1st September rolls around, and everyone is going a bit bonkers about the “Season of the Witch.”

I love autumn. I get excited for the leaves changing colour. The trees shedding them is the perfect reminder that it’s ok to let some things go. I appreciate the cooler temperatures, and embrace getting my boots, scarves and chunky knits out. I adore Samhain for its depth and beauty; for the opportunity for reflection and remembrance, but like Louisa and Crow, I don’t agree that autumn is the Season of the Witch.

To me, Witchcraft, and indeed life, is all about balance. Many (but not all) modern pagans, witches and Wiccans celebrate the Wheel of the Year; the cyclical journey through the seasons. At each point on the Wheel we are afforded an opportunity for introspection, a chance to look backwards, and forwards. There is balance in each festival, each season, the year. Each Sabbat has something special for witches and pagans. Therefore in my mind, EVERY season is the Season of the Witch.

I do understand having a favourite festival and season. Beltane will always, always have my heart! Summer will always be my favourite time of the year. Maybe it’s just that the majority of witches love the autumn?

What do you think?

Do you think autumn is the Season of the Witch? If so, why is that? Has it become known as the Season of the Witch because of the association of witches at Halloween? (Which is separate to Samhain, of course).

If autumn is your favourite season what is it you love about this time so much?

Maybe another season is your favourite? If so, what is your favourite season (or festival), and why?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Storing Tarot Decks

I have accrued so many tarot decks over the years that I no longer have room (or the inclination!) to keep them boxed and shelved. I know that traditionally they are wrapped in silk, but when you have 20+ decks that becomes somewhat unsustainable.

Of course, if you prefer to wrap yours in silk that’s ok, too! As with all aspects of the Craft it’s really important to do what’s right for you.

My go to method is the drawstring bag. They’re quick and easy to make - or cheap to buy - and stored in this method they’re kept clean and safe. I find that I can recognise each deck by the material of the bag, and their position in the basket that I keep them in. The drawstring bag method is also brilliant if you like to travel with your decks. I have put one in my handbag many times.

How do you store your tarot decks? Did you have a preferred method that you had to abandon once you accrued a certain amount? Where do you keep all the boxes? What is your favourite tarot deck?

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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Chat - It’s Fate ~ Issue 10 October 2021

I’m so very excited to be in ~ and on the front cover of! ~ “Chat - It’s Fate” magazine this month (Issue 10 - October 2021).

Over three pages you’ll hear how I learned the path of Witchcraft was for me, how we came to live on a cemetery, and our annual Samhain traditions.

There’s a huge array of articles on Halloween and Samhain, spooky and mysterious stories, and expert advice on a number of witchy topics.

If you’ve made your way to this page via the magazine then welcome!

Thank you to @journojadeb for asking me to be involved in this project - it was a lot of fun!

(Looking about 500 years old due to a lack of sleep this week adds to the spooky 😆).

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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Devi Oracle Cards

Today I’m showing you the beautiful Devi Oracle Cards designed by Mahalakshmi, who is the beautiful soul over at @mysticmamacafe. She channels and works with the spiritual realm to empower, and through her worship of and work with the Divine Feminine, she has been guided to create this gorgeous deck.

There are 90 cards and they are grouped into ten different aspects of the Divine Feminine; the Great Wisdom Goddess, or the Mahavidyas. The ten Mahavidyas are: Kali, Tara, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshvari, Bhairavi, Chhinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala.

Firstly an Oracle deck, there is also a mantra for each card, with instructions on how to use it to tap into the Divine Feminine, and to bring about all sorts of spiritual progress and change. There are manner of ancient and divine symbols in here; from the spiral, to the Eye of Horus, to the Hand of Fatima, to the Om.

Taken from the book that comes with the deck: “Sati felt Shiva didn’t treat her as the Mother of the Universe, hence she took on ten different forms of the Divine Mother. The Goddesses of Wisdom represent an entire spectrum of divinity, right from horrific goddesses to the beautiful and most peaceful deities. The Mahavidyas are the Goddesses who collectively guide us, inspiring us to search for and find the spiritual beings lying dormant within us”.

This is such an inspiring deck, with insightful illustrations throughout. The book is full of helpful information which will guide you. The deck has been developed with women in mind, but I believe can be used by anybody. The aim is to help us reach and acknowledge the different aspects of feminine wisdom within us; and using that knowledge, guide us to our divine power. The cards are a tool to help you understand the messages sent to you by the Divine Feminine. I feel this deck will help me understand myself, and my changing role, as a woman.

This deck is TRULY a masterpiece and whilst I’m still getting to grips with it, I can see already what a profound and wonderful tool this will be for my practice. Thank you Mahalakshmi, I am so honoured to have a copy of this incredible creation that you must be extremely proud of!

Sunday, 5 September 2021

Witch Homes

I was thinking about fairy tales and folklore, and the relationship between witches and their houses.

In Hansel & Gretel the witch’s house is made of gingerbread and candy, designed to lure in small children. In Rapunzel, Dame Gothel has a house with a walled garden that blooms all year long. Baba Yaga has a cottage in the middle of a dark forest that stands on giant chicken legs; and in Mother Trudy, Frau Trude appears as the Devil through her cottage window. At the beginning of Snow White & The Seven Dwarves the Evil Queen sits sewing at an open window when she pricks her finger with her needle. Much is made of her Magic Mirror.

In many of these stories the house plays as big a part as the witch. It’s as if these houses are alive, and have their own consciousness. Often the witch and the house are very much entwined.

I don’t think this is all that far from reality... I see my house as having its own personality and character, and perhaps its own spirit. There are days when I feel held, and in tune with the (spirit of our) house, as if I am a part of its story. But there are also days when I’m just a visitor.

I also have Copernicus, my stone “House Guardian” mounted on the back of the house who watches over it, and keeps us safe. Whenever we leave the house I petition Copernicus to look after our home, and when we return I thank him. Over time I have decided that the spirit of the house, and Copernicus the House Guardian, are not the same spirit. I’m still working it out, though.

What is your relationship with your house? Does it feel like a sentient being to you? Does it have its own personality? 
What about modern houses? Do they have a spirit, or consciousness?

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Thursday, 2 September 2021

Hydrangea Magick

Hydrangea is a genus of 70 species of flowering plant native to Asia and the Americas.

“Hydrangea” is derived from Greek and means “water vessel”. Other names for hydrangea include French hydrangea, garden hydrangea and florist’s hydrangea, it may also be referred to as hortensia - the French and Spanish word for hydrangea.

Hydrangea flowers are produced from early spring to late autumn, though most of the ones I’ve seen around are fading now. There are two types of flower formation - “mophead” and “lacecap”. The ones in the picture are mopheads.

Hydrangeas seem to be missed from a lot of magical herbalism books, but generally they seem to be associated with hex-breaking, love-drawing, devotion, friendship, fidelity, binding, and bringing back a lover. They can be used for challenging karmic patterns, protection and redirecting psychic energy and attacks.

Associated with boundary setting they can be used in spells for shielding, and placed around the home they can create an environment where we become better at keeping a healthy balance between the physical and spiritual. Of course there are no set rules with magical correspondences, and so they might mean something altogether to you.

They have a deep connection with water so they can be a good ally to those who are intuitive, emotional, or psychically sensitive.

🌸 Gender: Feminine
🌸 Planet: Moon (whole plant), Jupiter (root), Neptune
🌸 Element: Water
🌸 Magickal Uses: Love spells, hex-breaking, redirecting curses, fidelity, understanding, binding, protection, love-drawing, bringing back a lover, devotion, friendship, challenging karmic patterns, psychic awareness, redirecting psychic attacks, boundary setting.

Do you like hydrangeas? Do you use them in your magick? If so, how?

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R.I.P. Terry Dobney, Archdruid of Avebury

Still totally heartbroken. Distance and the pandemic meant we hadn’t seen you in ages, but I have so many happy memories from over the years. I dreamed of you 4 weeks ago… talking, upright, a smile, and a twinkle in your eye… so I knew you were going to the Summerlands soon.

You were an incredible and intelligent man who brought joy to the lives of many. A magickal Elder who did so much for the Pagan community, both here and abroad, a truly cosmic being, but most of all... my friend.

My heart is with anyone that ever knew or loved you.

Terry Dobney, Archdruid of Avebury - you will be forever loved and forever missed. 💔


Witch Aesthetic

Throughout my time on Instagram I have noticed some people warning witches about following accounts with “aesthetic”, which I think is really interesting.

I know the warning about aesthetic is accompanied by encouraging others to use their intuition when following accounts, and that not all Witchcraft is pretty. I wholeheartedly agree with both these statements, but I don’t agree with the idea that “pretty” witchcraft accounts hold no value - that depends very much on the message that is being given.

To me, Witchcraft is about creativity. It’s about using colour, signs, symbols, sound. So why is visual representation with clever use of design and colour - on a platform that is entirely visual, in a world that (wrongly) holds beauty as above all else - seen as a threat? In this little corner of Instagram it feels like witch aesthetic is some sort of glamour magick that will lure us to our deaths. Why are aesthetic accounts treated with such suspicion?

Some of the witches I have seen issuing this warning have, at some time or other, talked about colour correspondence. The idea that each colour has a unique vibration or groove that we can use in magick... and yet creative use of colour and design to help illustrate a magickal point is often seen as “fake”.

For many people, colour and design is something that weaves through their entire lives. It’s in the way they dress, the way they decorate their houses, it’s the way they see the world. It reflects moods and feelings, and is present in their magick. Many witches have creative endeavours outside their witch lives on Instagram (I taught scrapbooking and card making for many years). I would say that colour and creativity runs through witches’ veins.

So I ask the question - should we view the great artists, writers and poets of our time with the same suspicion? Did they not do clever things with words, design or colour?

What do you think!? Do you like “aesthetic” accounts? Is it the words or the images that draw you to a page? Is it both? Is it neither? Do you run an “aesthetic” page and have experienced negativity? Does “aesthetic” have a place in Witchcraft? Does it make you feel inspired?