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The Cemetery Witch in a headdress

Merry Meet! I'm Wren...

I'm a Traditional Witch from the South of England, living in rural countryside, enjoying the beautiful arable landscape around me as a source of inspiration. I'm a lifelong student of the Craft, a forager, hobby herbalist, writer, fire spinner, Tarot reader, and qualified Holistic Therapist, specialising in Clinical Aromatherapy.


I have been a contributor for Witchology Magazine, a Witchy book reviewer for Witch With Me, and a Pagan model who has posed for Pagan artists such as Chris Down and Neil Geddes Ward.


I have appeared in seven paintings, a tarot deck (Celtic Tarot by Kristoffer Hughes), and on the front cover of Chris Down's book, Otherworld: The Collected Works of Chris Down. I have also been featured in Pagan Dawn, The Daily Mirror, Take a Break Fate & Fortune, Chat It's Fate, and Breathe Magazine; which is a mindfulness magazine dedicated to calm and balance.

Since my mid teens I have had a passion for Witchcraft. I believe that magick is all around us, embracing us, and guiding us. I believe that I am a magickal being, and I believe that YOU are a magickal being. I believe that the path of Witchcraft encourages independence and authenticity, and when we are authentic we stand in our true power and can achieve great things. I believe that Witchcraft stands for love, creativity, beauty, healing, justice, truth, endurance, wisdom, history, friendship and resilience. I believe that Witchcraft is a fulfilling path that encourages people of all ages to learn, develop and grow. My passion is making Witchcraft accessible to those that want to reach it; and dispelling the negative stereotypes sometimes found surrounding it.

I'm particularly fascinated by the magick of aroma and colour. I can usually be found under a pile of books, or on my weekly YouTube show ~ The Witching Week ~ which is dedicated to talking about all sorts of witchy topics and the seasonal changes that happen as the Wheel turns. I live with my husband, and am lucky enough to have three daughters; one of my own and two bonus daughters. I love cats, standing stones, lunch at the garden centre, watching the cemetery bunnies and stoner rock. 

You can connect with me via YouTube, Patreon, Facebook or on my Instagram page; links to which can be found on the Social Media page of this website. 

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