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Home Study Courses

Begin your Witchcraft journey, or develop your Witchcraft knowledge more deeply, with a Home Study Course. These courses have been designed for those who want to study at their own pace; without pressure or time restrictions placed upon them. It is up to you to take the knowledge found in these courses, and apply it to your own Craft; which will deepen and blossom with time, practise and experience.

Support will be given to students taking these courses. 



Protection Magick - Magickal Self-Defence
9 Modules - 328 Pages
3,240+ Magickal Correspondences
33 Spells, Recipes & Activities (18 Exclusive)
Recommended Reading List
Reading & Reflection Exercises
Student Support
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The Power of Plants - Aromatherapy Theory 101
The Widening Circle - Witchcraft for Beginners


Please note that these courses are for enjoyment and for deepening your knowledge, only. Magick comes from within, and is founded upon the relationships you build with the external world. There are no qualifications in Witchcraft; only experience that is shared.

For this reason, these courses are not accredited. 

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